We partnered with MTV to raise awareness about rape culture. Rape Culture is "a culture where sexual assault is normalized and perpetuated."

Our first step was convincing people that rape is, in fact, a problem in the U.S. The general feeling is, "If I'm not seeing or hearing about rape, it can't be that prevalent." But the ugly truth is, 1 in 5 college women are victims of sexual assault. The other ugly truth is that we've gotten good at not noticing.

To illustrate our ability to block out the facts, we used an advertising medium that we're even better at blocking out - banner ads. We put facts about rape front-and-center on some of the most popular websites in America (MTV, Bustle, Perez Hilton, and more) and watched as viewers caught on. 


Those who clicked the faux ads were met with our landing page where they could learn more and "look different." 

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Partner: Josh Stolz, AD